Friendly Utilities

VENKO is on a mission to bring the extraterrestrial closer to home! VENKO’s latest innovations, Alienium and UAPsnap, are designed to transform the way the community connects with everything related to aliens and UFOs.


Alienium: Dive into a comprehensive social media platform to talk about extraterrestrial encounters with powerful search capabilities

Alienium allows you to connect with friends where you can talk over messenger, call and video call.  

Need to make a documentary? Then kickstart your project with Alienium's unique fundraising tool,,



Instantly capture and analyse anomalous aerial phenomena with our state-of-the-art tool.

UAPsnap also allows you to report alien abductions and UAP sightings which are geo located on the heatmap.

Snap UFO sightings and other extraterrestrial phenomena
Geographically report any extraterrestrial events
Speak to people who share similar encounters

Is there more coming?

VENKO has landed on the Solana blockchain, ready to roll out a galaxy of unique and thrilling utilities. With a flair for fun and innovation, VENKO is here to catapult your digital experience into the cosmos. From ground-breaking digital assets to interstellar gaming experiences, VENKO's got the tools to make the Solana universe your new playground.
Buckle up and prepare for lift-off; VENKO's exciting utilities are about to take you on a thrilling ride through the blockchain space! But in the meantime, how about making new friends on Alienium, by VENKO!